Who we are

We're a team of passionate, curious individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, dedicated to our mission of improving treatment for cancer patients and significantly accelerating cancer research.

Meet the Team

  • Marta Bralic

    Marta BralicVice President, Business Development

    Marta Bralic
    Vice President, Business Development

    I try to travel to three foreign countries every year.

  • Shyamali Choudhury

    Shyamali ChoudhuryOperations Manager, Business Development

    Shyamali Choudhury
    Operations Manager, Business Development

  • Ross Feinstein

    Ross FeinsteinBusiness Development

    Ross Feinstein
    Business Development

  • Rachel Koblin

    Rachel KoblinOperations Manager, Business Development

    Rachel Koblin
    Operations Manager, Business Development

    If I wasn't working at Flatiron, I'd be pursing my dream job of creating Lab puppies that stay puppy-sized forever.

  • Lucy Silver

    Lucy SilverBusiness Development

    Lucy Silver
    Business Development

    The most important advice I ever got was from the First Lady, who told me to, "Relax, and eat a cheeseburger."

  • Sen Zhang

    Sen ZhangValue Based Care Operations Manager

    Sen Zhang
    Value Based Care Operations Manager

  • Jason Harinstein

    Jason HarinsteinChief Financial Officer

    Jason Harinstein
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Kate McCarty

    Kate McCartyAssociate, Strategic Finance and Analytics

    Kate McCarty
    Associate, Strategic Finance and Analytics

    At one point or another, I've learned (or attempted to) play five different instruments: guitar, drums, piano, violin and recorder (if that counts).

  • Mohammad Nawaz

    Mohammad NawazSenior Analyst, Billing and Collections

    Mohammad Nawaz
    Senior Analyst, Billing and Collections

  • Lise Ogrodnick

    Lise OgrodnickSenior Accountant

    Lise Ogrodnick
    Senior Accountant

    I stop to pet every Pomeranian I see on the street.

  • TJ Shah

    TJ ShahAccounting Manager

    TJ Shah
    Accounting Manager

  • Nat Turner

    Nat TurnerCo-Founder, CEO

    Nat Turner
    Co-Founder, CEO

    I once kept hundreds of reptiles in my bedroom and garage as part of a business I started that reproduced and sold snakes.

  • Zach Weinberg

    Zach WeinbergCo-Founder, President & COO

    Zach Weinberg
    Co-Founder, President & COO

    In elementary school I was a nationally ranked chess player. My best year was kindergarten. My chess career peaked at age 5.

  • Alex Deyle

    Alex DeyleDirector, Life Sciences

    Alex Deyle
    Director, Life Sciences

  • Dana Feuchtbaum

    Dana FeuchtbaumDirector, Life Sciences

    Dana Feuchtbaum
    Director, Life Sciences

  • Hylton  Kalvaria

    Hylton Kalvaria Principal, Life Sciences

    Hylton Kalvaria
    Principal, Life Sciences

    I was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Kara Kubarych

    Kara KubarychAssociate, Life Sciences

    Kara Kubarych
    Associate, Life Sciences

    The first time I lived in NYC (for a summer), I wrote a blog called yogafiend.com. Namaste!

  • David Light

    David LightDirector, Life Sciences

    David Light
    Director, Life Sciences

    Prior to joining Flatiron, I had a mohawk and was in a rock band.

  • Laura Mantell

    Laura MantellManager, Life Sciences

    Laura Mantell
    Manager, Life Sciences

  • Mamta Patel

    Mamta PatelProject Leader, Point of Care

    Mamta Patel
    Project Leader, Point of Care

    I am the best birthday gift my mother has ever received (at least that's what I tell her).

  • Jay Rughani

    Jay RughaniAssociate, Life Sciences

    Jay Rughani
    Associate, Life Sciences

    I once bled for Flatiron (literally...)

  • Swati Shah

    Swati ShahProject Leader, Point of Care

    Swati Shah
    Project Leader, Point of Care

  • Steve Swanson

    Steve SwansonDirector, Life Sciences

    Steve Swanson
    Director, Life Sciences

  • Jeannie  Wong

    Jeannie Wong Director, Life Sciences

    Jeannie Wong
    Director, Life Sciences

    I have been known to take off and explore the far corners of the world when ever given the chance!

  • Shane Woods, PhD

    Shane Woods, PhDVice President, Life Sciences

    Shane Woods, PhD
    Vice President, Life Sciences

  • Ashley Binford

    Ashley BinfordManager, Marketing

    Ashley Binford
    Manager, Marketing

    I love checking out new restaurants and have a restaurant review blog!

  • Allison Blake

    Allison BlakeEvent Planner

    Allison Blake
    Event Planner

  • Nate  Brown

    Nate Brown Product Marketing Manager

    Nate Brown
    Product Marketing Manager

    I spent one summer working in a hut in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

  • Jenny Edelston

    Jenny EdelstonSenior Manager, Corporate Communications

    Jenny Edelston
    Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

  • Brenton Fargnoli, MD

    Brenton Fargnoli, MDDirector, Product Marketing & Strategy and Medical Director, Value-based Care

    Brenton Fargnoli, MD
    Director, Product Marketing & Strategy and Medical Director, Value-based Care

  • Roxanne Heilizer

    Roxanne HeilizerManager, Marketing

    Roxanne Heilizer
    Manager, Marketing

  • Ryan Holleran

    Ryan HolleranOncoAnalytics Specialist

    Ryan Holleran
    OncoAnalytics Specialist

  • Ogi Kavazovic

    Ogi KavazovicSenior Vice President, Product Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer

    Ogi Kavazovic
    Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer

  • Maureen Larkin

    Maureen LarkinEvents Lead

    Maureen Larkin
    Events Lead

    I love cooking and am currently trying to master the art of the 5 mother sauces.

  • Jaime Lopez

    Jaime LopezDirector, Brand

    Jaime Lopez
    Director, Brand

  • Shivani Mishra

    Shivani MishraProduct Marketing

    Shivani Mishra
    Product Marketing

  • Josh Neiman

    Josh NeimanVice President, Marketing

    Josh Neiman
    Vice President, Marketing

    I always travel with my soccer cleats.

  • Lesley Plotkin

    Lesley PlotkinSenior Marketing Manager, Research

    Lesley Plotkin
    Senior Marketing Manager, Research

  • Jim Senese, MS, RPh.

    Jim Senese, MS, RPh.Director, Networking Engagement

    Jim Senese, MS, RPh.
    Director, Networking Engagement

  • Robin Shah

    Robin ShahHead of Product Marketing and Strategy

    Robin Shah
    Head of Product Marketing and Strategy

    I was a high-school football coach for 3 years before coming to Flatiron.

  • Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD

    Amy Abernethy, MD, PhDChief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, Oncology

    Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD
    Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, Oncology

    I used to work at Walt Disney World!

  • Janet Donegan, ANP-C, AOCN

    Janet Donegan, ANP-C, AOCNOncoAnalytics Clinical Director

    Janet Donegan, ANP-C, AOCN
    OncoAnalytics Clinical Director

    I celebrated my 40th birthday in the house of a Beatle.

  • Bobby Green, MD

    Bobby Green, MDSenior Vice President, Clinical Oncology

    Bobby Green, MD
    Senior Vice President, Clinical Oncology

    I'm a pilot who likes to fly little planes with one engine.

  • Nate Nussbaum, MD

    Nate Nussbaum, MDAssociate Oncology Medical Director

    Nate Nussbaum, MD
    Associate Oncology Medical Director

    I love biking and once mountain biked over the Andes, from Argentina to Chile.

  • Laini Talcott

    Laini TalcottChief of Staff, Oncology

    Laini Talcott
    Chief of Staff, Oncology

  • Marc Berger

    Marc BergerVice President, Legal

    Marc Berger
    Vice President, Legal

  • Rosie Hobbs

    Rosie HobbsExecutive Assistant & Office Manager

    Rosie Hobbs
    Executive Assistant & Office Manager

    I am best friends with Taylor Swift.

  • Alana Levy

    Alana LevyAccount Associate

    Alana Levy
    Account Associate

  • Daniel Lipsitz

    Daniel LipsitzSales Operations Manager

    Daniel Lipsitz
    Sales Operations Manager

    I played four varsity sports in high school!

  • Aaron Szekel

    Aaron SzekelDirector, Business Operations

    Aaron Szekel
    Director, Business Operations

    The first project I ever worked on was the sale of Elvis Presley's music library.

  •  Cash

    CashDirectory of Productivity

    Directory of Productivity

    I was born in Georgia with three other littermates. I started in SWE, which didn't last long given my tendency to press multiple keys at once with my paw strokes.

  • Fiorella Bariani

    Fiorella BarianiRecruiting Manager

    Fiorella Bariani
    Recruiting Manager

    My name translates to "little flower" in Italian.

  • Lindsay Beamer

    Lindsay BeamerOperations Manager, People

    Lindsay Beamer
    Operations Manager, People

    I am a Wichita State basketball fan!

  • Alexandra Buder Shapiro

    Alexandra Buder ShapiroPeople Business Partner

    Alexandra Buder Shapiro
    People Business Partner

  • Manya Ellenberg

    Manya EllenbergDirector, People Ops

    Manya Ellenberg
    Director, People Ops

    I've watched "The Little Mermaid" 3,041 times.

  • Josh Feintuch

    Josh FeintuchRecruiter

    Josh Feintuch

    When I'm not recruiting engineers to disrupt cancer software, I'm often recruiting singers to perform the choral music I compose!

  • Hillary Kanarek

    Hillary KanarekDirector, Recruiting

    Hillary Kanarek
    Director, Recruiting

    I speak (somewhat) conversational Chinese and can be found boxing in my free time!

  • Asif Kumandan

    Asif KumandanCandidate Lead

    Asif Kumandan
    Candidate Lead

    I help my college roommate with his vintage clothing business.

  • Alexa McCue

    Alexa McCueRecruiter

    Alexa McCue

  • Annaleah Oxman

    Annaleah OxmanTalent Development Lead

    Annaleah Oxman
    Talent Development Lead

  • Ashley Patton

    Ashley PattonOperations Associate

    Ashley Patton
    Operations Associate

  • Martha Shoemaker

    Martha ShoemakerPeople Operations Analyst

    Martha Shoemaker
    People Operations Analyst

    I make an awesome angel food cake

  • Vineeta Agarwala, MD, PhD

    Vineeta Agarwala, MD, PhDProduct Manager

    Vineeta Agarwala, MD, PhD
    Product Manager

    I love museums with audio guides and genomes.

  • Carlos Aguilar

    Carlos AguilarDirector, Data Insights Engineering

    Carlos Aguilar
    Director, Data Insights Engineering

  • Nick Arvanitis

    Nick ArvanitisSecurity Engineer

    Nick Arvanitis
    Security Engineer

    I have an affinity for small bearded dogs with squishy faces. And squirrels. Of course squirrels.

  • Sam Bail

    Sam BailData Insights Engineer

    Sam Bail
    Data Insights Engineer

  • Achin Batra

    Achin BatraSWE

    Achin Batra

  • Nick Bauer-Levey

    Nick Bauer-LeveySWE

    Nick Bauer-Levey

    I was once in a Got Milk ad with Ronald McDonald.

  • Ezra Baydur

    Ezra BaydurAssociate Product Manager

    Ezra Baydur
    Associate Product Manager

    My name's on the Taken 2 (IMDB 6.3!) soundtrack

  • Justin Berman

    Justin BermanVP, Information Security

    Justin Berman
    VP, Information Security

    I was a chef, a fashion photographer and a developer before I entered security.

  • Ben Birnbaum, PhD

    Ben Birnbaum, PhDEngineering Manager

    Ben Birnbaum, PhD
    Engineering Manager

    I love running and Oreo cookies.

  • David Brandon

    David BrandonSWE

    David Brandon

    I have visited every state except Hawaii.

  • Marc Budofsky

    Marc BudofskyApplication Security Engineer

    Marc Budofsky
    Application Security Engineer

  • Coulton Bunney

    Coulton BunneyProduct Designer

    Coulton Bunney
    Product Designer

    I have an unhealthy love of salt and vinegar chips, but try to balance it out with an on again, off again commitment to fad exercises and running.

  • Geoff Calkins

    Geoff CalkinsVice President, Product Management

    Geoff Calkins
    Vice President, Product Management

    I keep eight bikes in my NYC apartment.

  • Khalifa Campbell

    Khalifa CampbellDesktop IT Support Engineer

    Khalifa Campbell
    Desktop IT Support Engineer

  • Allie Candido

    Allie CandidoSWE

    Allie Candido

    I once made a cameo as a human tumbleweed in a production of "Oklahoma."

  • Thomas Caron

    Thomas CaronSWE

    Thomas Caron

    I like azw3s better than prints.

  • Himanshu Chavda

    Himanshu ChavdaEMR Interface Engineer

    Himanshu Chavda
    EMR Interface Engineer

  • Hithika Chhaochharia

    Hithika ChhaochhariaDatabase Developer

    Hithika Chhaochharia
    Database Developer

    I trained in classical music and dance when I was in India.

  • Katie Chung

    Katie ChungProduct Commercialization Manager

    Katie Chung
    Product Commercialization Manager

  • Julian Cohen

    Julian CohenProduct Security Engineer

    Julian Cohen
    Product Security Engineer

  • Keith Cowing

    Keith CowingDirector, Product Management

    Keith Cowing
    Director, Product Management

    I've driven across the country six times in a pickup truck

  • Joe Delgado

    Joe DelgadoSWE

    Joe Delgado

    My dog has more internet friends than I do.

  • Joseph DiLallo

    Joseph DiLalloSoftware Engineer

    Joseph DiLallo
    Software Engineer

  • James Dura

    James DuraEngineering Manager

    James Dura
    Engineering Manager

  • Dan Eisenberg

    Dan EisenbergEngineering Manager

    Dan Eisenberg
    Engineering Manager

    I can play the cello and the harmonica (but not at the same time...yet!).

  • Lauren Ellsworth

    Lauren EllsworthSWE

    Lauren Ellsworth

    I’m a California transplant, workout lover and data enthusiast.

  • Jeremy Feinstein

    Jeremy FeinsteinSWE

    Jeremy Feinstein

    I grew up nearby on Long Island and made a couple cool Android libraries in what little spare time I had at school.

  • Tim Fitzgerald

    Tim FitzgeraldSWE

    Tim Fitzgerald

    I had a long-haired dachshund that practiced Tai Chi. He lived to be 19.

  • Jeff Forde

    Jeff FordeProduction Platform Engineer

    Jeff Forde
    Production Platform Engineer

    Outside of work, I can be found putting out fires (literally) as a Volunteer Firefighter in my home town.

  • Renee Fromhold

    Renee FromholdSWE

    Renee Fromhold

  • Abhishek Gadiraju

    Abhishek GadirajuSWE

    Abhishek Gadiraju

    I'm a freestyle rapper. Currently accepting suggestions for a rapper name.

  • Tyler Haydell

    Tyler HaydellData Insights Engineer

    Tyler Haydell
    Data Insights Engineer

  • Mark Hayes

    Mark HayesDirector, Product Management

    Mark Hayes
    Director, Product Management

    I attended the first and only no-hitter in Mets franchise history.

  • Sam Helman

    Sam HelmanSWE

    Sam Helman

    I've never seen any of the Terminator movies.

  • Patrick Hempton

    Patrick HemptonSWE

    Patrick Hempton

  • Owen Hendley

    Owen HendleyProduct Commercialization Manager

    Owen Hendley
    Product Commercialization Manager

  • Tim Henke

    Tim HenkeEngineering Manager

    Tim Henke
    Engineering Manager

    I've nearly completed my dive master certification.

  • Franz Hernandez

    Franz HernandezApplication Specialist

    Franz Hernandez
    Application Specialist

  • Michael Herrick

    Michael HerrickIT Engineer

    Michael Herrick
    IT Engineer

  • Kevin  Hobson

    Kevin Hobson Engineering Manager

    Kevin Hobson
    Engineering Manager

    I'm a chronic Cincinnati fan who only gets through the Reds and Bengals seasons with emotional support from my national champion Buckeyes.

  • Ben Holzman

    Ben HolzmanSoftware Engineer

    Ben Holzman
    Software Engineer

  • Mark Hullin

    Mark HullinDirector, Engineering

    Mark Hullin
    Director, Engineering

    When time permits, I'm an amateur archeologist.

  • Alex Ingram

    Alex IngramSenior Product Manager

    Alex Ingram
    Senior Product Manager

  • Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan IvanovSWE

    Ivan Ivanov

    In an alternate universe, I am a musician.

  • Natasha Jaffe

    Natasha JaffeSoftware Engineer

    Natasha Jaffe
    Software Engineer

  • Ann Jaskiw

    Ann JaskiwSWE

    Ann Jaskiw

    I love nothing more than the state of Ohio.

  • Rizwan Khan

    Rizwan KhanEMR Interface Engineer

    Rizwan Khan
    EMR Interface Engineer

  • Alphan Kirayoglu

    Alphan KirayogluData Insights Engineer

    Alphan Kirayoglu
    Data Insights Engineer

    I have a twin brother, Alpkan!

  • Jeremy Kohansimeh

    Jeremy KohansimehEngineering Manager

    Jeremy Kohansimeh
    Engineering Manager

  • David Krasik

    David KrasikSenior Product Manager

    David Krasik
    Senior Product Manager

  • Daniel Ladd

    Daniel LaddProduction Platform Engineer

    Daniel Ladd
    Production Platform Engineer

  • DJ Lee

    DJ LeeEngineering Manager

    DJ Lee
    Engineering Manager

    Not an actual DJ.

  • Shannon Lee

    Shannon LeeEngineering Manager

    Shannon Lee
    Engineering Manager

    I once tried to break the Guinness World Record for the longest gum wrapper chain but ended up about 15 miles short.

  • Fred Lindberg, MD, PhD

    Fred Lindberg, MD, PhDDirector, Data Insights Engineering

    Fred Lindberg, MD, PhD
    Director, Data Insights Engineering

    I like to recondition old lenses and cameras.

  • Suzanne Marshall

    Suzanne MarshallQA Associate

    Suzanne Marshall
    QA Associate

  • Elijah Meerson

    Elijah MeersonEngineering Manager

    Elijah Meerson
    Engineering Manager

  • Catherine Miller

    Catherine MillerEngineering Manager

    Catherine Miller
    Engineering Manager

    I have a Bacon number of 3.

  • Chandrasekhar Mothali

    Chandrasekhar MothaliEMR Interface Support Analyst

    Chandrasekhar Mothali
    EMR Interface Support Analyst

  • Joe Mou

    Joe MouSWE

    Joe Mou

  • Matthew Murchison

    Matthew MurchisonEngineering Manager

    Matthew Murchison
    Engineering Manager

    After college, I spent a year living in Quito, Ecuador teaching English.

  • Rohit Parulkar

    Rohit ParulkarData Insights Engineer

    Rohit Parulkar
    Data Insights Engineer

    Until recently, I did not know where pickles came from.

  • Sharang Phadke

    Sharang PhadkeSWE

    Sharang Phadke

    I like to ride my bike.

  • Matt Predmore

    Matt PredmoreSWE

    Matt Predmore

    I live in Alabama and am often found attempting to play guitar and karaoke.

  • Tom Preston

    Tom PrestonSWE

    Tom Preston

    I love to run!

  • Sam  Raper

    Sam Raper Software Engineer, OncoAnalytics

    Sam Raper
    Software Engineer, OncoAnalytics

  • Paul Richardson

    Paul RichardsonSWE

    Paul Richardson

  • Rob Rodkey

    Rob RodkeyData Insights Engineer

    Rob Rodkey
    Data Insights Engineer

    If the moon were made of cheese, I would eat it.

  • Bridget Rose

    Bridget RoseQA Associate

    Bridget Rose
    QA Associate

  • Maayan Roth

    Maayan RothEngineering Manager

    Maayan Roth
    Engineering Manager

    I was a member of the 2002 World Champion robot soccer team.

  • Abhilash Sabarathinam

    Abhilash SabarathinamIntegration Project Manager

    Abhilash Sabarathinam
    Integration Project Manager

  • Chhaya Shadra

    Chhaya ShadraSenior Medical Informaticist

    Chhaya Shadra
    Senior Medical Informaticist

    I think its unfair that sweet potato fries have to compete with french fries.

  • Gil Shklarski, PhD

    Gil Shklarski, PhDChief Technology Officer

    Gil Shklarski, PhD
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Ryan Steier

    Ryan SteierSWE

    Ryan Steier

    I'm scientifically proven to be the world's biggest Red Hot Chili Peppers fan.

  • Charlie Taveras

    Charlie TaverasSWE

    Charlie Taveras

    I think karaoke is a basic human right.

  • May Terry

    May TerryTeam Lead, Medical Informatics

    May Terry
    Team Lead, Medical Informatics

  • Dan  Tran

    Dan Tran Software Engineer

    Dan Tran
    Software Engineer

    I taught myself how to program using a TI-82 graphing calculator.

  • Jessie Tseng

    Jessie TsengProduct Designer

    Jessie Tseng
    Product Designer

    I used to be a competitive ballroom dancer, and taught salsa classes

  • Melisa Tucker

    Melisa TuckerSenior Product Manager

    Melisa Tucker
    Senior Product Manager

    Dustin Hoffman once called me bossy.

  • Scott Voigt

    Scott VoigtAssociate Product Manager

    Scott Voigt
    Associate Product Manager

  • Franklin Yang

    Franklin YangSWE

    Franklin Yang

    I have an entirely reasonable fear of long, empty, carpeted hallways.

  • Jackie Applegate

    Jackie ApplegateManager of Professional Services, OncoAnalytics

    Jackie Applegate
    Manager of Professional Services, OncoAnalytics

    I believe we will achieve world peace with a combination of puppies and yoga.

  • Jeff Beck

    Jeff BeckSenior Account Executive

    Jeff Beck
    Senior Account Executive

    I live in paradise!

  • Sean Bennett

    Sean BennettSales Director

    Sean Bennett
    Sales Director

    I'm an avid sports fan, but my favorites are Lacrosse and Formula One auto racing

  • Becca Birnbaum

    Becca BirnbaumOncoAnalytics Specialist

    Becca Birnbaum
    OncoAnalytics Specialist

    I'm fluent in sarcasm.

  • Thaddeus Bowie

    Thaddeus BowieImplementation Specialist, OncoEMR

    Thaddeus Bowie
    Implementation Specialist, OncoEMR

    I love my Alabama football. Roll Tide!!

  • Lanie Brown

    Lanie BrownCustomer Support Specialist, OncoBilling

    Lanie Brown
    Customer Support Specialist, OncoBilling

  • Elaine Campbell

    Elaine CampbellImplementation Specialist, OncoEMR

    Elaine Campbell
    Implementation Specialist, OncoEMR

  • Char Cislo, RN, BSN

    Char Cislo, RN, BSNSenior Director, Clinical Services

    Char Cislo, RN, BSN
    Senior Director, Clinical Services

    I also have a degree in Russian History, besides BSN.

  • Jefre Congelosi

    Jefre CongelosiSenior Training & Implementation Specialist

    Jefre Congelosi
    Senior Training & Implementation Specialist

    I played 1 year of semi-professional soccer.

  • Alison Fugaro

    Alison FugaroProduct Specialist

    Alison Fugaro
    Product Specialist

  • ToniAnn Genna, RN, BSN

    ToniAnn Genna, RN, BSNApplication Specialist

    ToniAnn Genna, RN, BSN
    Application Specialist

    My husband, 2 kids and myself all got Batman tattoos as a family.

  • Ian Ha

    Ian HaSales Director

    Ian Ha
    Sales Director

  • Jimmy Harper

    Jimmy HarperAccount Executive

    Jimmy Harper
    Account Executive

  • Candi Hayes

    Candi HayesProduct Specialist, EMR

    Candi Hayes
    Product Specialist, EMR

    I played college softball at Georgia State University.

  • Ryan Holleran

    Ryan HolleranOncoAnalytics Specialist

    Ryan Holleran
    OncoAnalytics Specialist

  • Debbie Huston

    Debbie HustonOncoBilling Implementation Specialist

    Debbie Huston
    OncoBilling Implementation Specialist

  • Tesh Khullar

    Tesh KhullarSenior Vice President, Provider Solutions

    Tesh Khullar
    Senior Vice President, Provider Solutions

    I used to be Aladdin at Disneyland.

  • Amy Klimek

    Amy KlimekEMR Implementation Specialist

    Amy Klimek
    EMR Implementation Specialist

  • Alex Krinsky

    Alex KrinskyEnterprise Project Manager, OncoEMR

    Alex Krinsky
    Enterprise Project Manager, OncoEMR

  • Lisa Lancaster

    Lisa LancasterSenior Support Specialist

    Lisa Lancaster
    Senior Support Specialist

  • Cecilia Lum

    Cecilia LumDirector, Professional Services - OncoAnalytics

    Cecilia Lum
    Director, Professional Services - OncoAnalytics

    You can find a photo of me in an issue of People Magazine.

  • Victoria Maley

    Victoria MaleyCustomer Support Specialist

    Victoria Maley
    Customer Support Specialist

  • Brianna Mauro

    Brianna MauroEnterprise Project Manager

    Brianna Mauro
    Enterprise Project Manager

    I once starred in an astronomy podcast series under the stage name "Venus".

  • George Moore

    George MooreCustomer Support Specialist

    George Moore
    Customer Support Specialist

    I worked in a nursing home feeding the elderly for 5 years...and loved it!

  • Julia Morton

    Julia MortonDirector, Application Operations

    Julia Morton
    Director, Application Operations

    I'm a huge rugby fan, and I've seen the New Zealand team play on four continents.

  • Timika Navarrete

    Timika NavarreteDirector, Support - OncoEMR

    Timika Navarrete
    Director, Support - OncoEMR

  • Kim Pike

    Kim PikeAccount Executive

    Kim Pike
    Account Executive

  • Kim Polley, RN, BSN, OCN

    Kim Polley, RN, BSN, OCNImplementation and Training Specialist

    Kim Polley, RN, BSN, OCN
    Implementation and Training Specialist

  • Joyce Reedman

    Joyce ReedmanApplication Specialist

    Joyce Reedman
    Application Specialist

  • Ben Reynolds

    Ben ReynoldsSenior Director, Sales - Enterprise Systems

    Ben Reynolds
    Senior Director, Sales - Enterprise Systems

    I'm determined to one day be on an episode of Chopped!

  • Monique Sager

    Monique SagerAccount Associate

    Monique Sager
    Account Associate

  • Elima Salcedo

    Elima SalcedoSenior Support Specialist

    Elima Salcedo
    Senior Support Specialist

    Love cooking for family & friends!

  • Terry Santa, RN, MSN

    Terry Santa, RN, MSNDirector of Implementation,OncoEMR

    Terry Santa, RN, MSN
    Director of Implementation,OncoEMR

    I was an Army nurse for 14 years.

  • Sam Schmitz

    Sam SchmitzAccount Executive

    Sam Schmitz
    Account Executive

    I'm a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan with children named Maddux Anthony (after Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux) and Sullivan Wrigley (after historical Wrigley Field).

  • Franklin Shen

    Franklin ShenCurriculum Manager

    Franklin Shen
    Curriculum Manager

  • Frank Slater

    Frank SlaterSales Director

    Frank Slater
    Sales Director

    I ride a Harley Davidson Heritage Springer.

  • Jen Small, RN, BSN

    Jen Small, RN, BSNSenior Application Specialist

    Jen Small, RN, BSN
    Senior Application Specialist

    I enjoy changing furniture around my house regularly!

  • Kathy Sooto

    Kathy SootoOncoBilling Support Specialist

    Kathy Sooto
    OncoBilling Support Specialist

  • Pete Stine

    Pete StineEnterprise Account Manager

    Pete Stine
    Enterprise Account Manager

  • Jerrit Tan

    Jerrit TanSales Director

    Jerrit Tan
    Sales Director

  • Jeffrey Yan

    Jeffrey YanCustomer Support Specialist

    Jeffrey Yan
    Customer Support Specialist

    I can whistle about 1.5 octaves on my hands

  • Bryan Bowser

    Bryan BowserOncology Data Analyst

    Bryan Bowser
    Oncology Data Analyst

    I am the youngest of six siblings.

  • Keri  Chappel, RN, BSN

    Keri Chappel, RN, BSN Abstractor

    Keri Chappel, RN, BSN

  • Dominique Connolly

    Dominique ConnollyDirector, Clinical Data Abstraction

    Dominique Connolly
    Director, Clinical Data Abstraction

    I grew up in Oxford, England

  • Melissa Curtis

    Melissa CurtisDirector, Quantitative Sciences

    Melissa Curtis
    Director, Quantitative Sciences

  • Shannon Frank

    Shannon FrankOncology Data Specialist

    Shannon Frank
    Oncology Data Specialist

    I was runner-up in a wild sheep riding contest at a rodeo at age six.

  • Cynthia Gillespie, RN, BSN, OCN

    Cynthia Gillespie, RN, BSN, OCNOncology Abstract Team Lead

    Cynthia Gillespie, RN, BSN, OCN
    Oncology Abstract Team Lead

    Despite my ridiculously upbeat personality, I am a huge fan of Grumpy Cat!

  • Sandy Griffith, PhD

    Sandy Griffith, PhDBiostatistician

    Sandy Griffith, PhD

    I love R, cats, and their intersection, otherwise known as #rcatladies.

  • Caitlin Keenan

    Caitlin KeenanAssociate, Abstraction Operations

    Caitlin Keenan
    Associate, Abstraction Operations

    I love being on the water - I once canoed 210 miles from New Hampshire to the Long Island Sound!

  • Josh Kraut

    Josh KrautData Insights Engineer

    Josh Kraut
    Data Insights Engineer

    I spent 9 months living in UT and snowboarding everyday

  • Molly Lantz

    Molly LantzOncology Abstractor

    Molly Lantz
    Oncology Abstractor

  • Emily Lauer

    Emily LauerOncology Data Specialist

    Emily Lauer
    Oncology Data Specialist

  • Janet Murray

    Janet MurrayAbstraction Team Lead

    Janet Murray
    Abstraction Team Lead

    I went to college in Europe.

  • Caroline Nightingale

    Caroline NightingaleAssociate, Project Leadership

    Caroline Nightingale
    Associate, Project Leadership

    I ate three double-stuffed Oreos everyday until I was 14.

  • Lou Palladino, RN, MSN, OCN

    Lou Palladino, RN, MSN, OCNQuality Assurance Lead, Abstraction Team

    Lou Palladino, RN, MSN, OCN
    Quality Assurance Lead, Abstraction Team

  • Payal Patel

    Payal PatelLead Oncology Data Specialist

    Payal Patel
    Lead Oncology Data Specialist

    I used to be fearless and ski competitively but now post one septoplasty, I stick to the blues.

  • Priyanka Ramamurthy

    Priyanka RamamurthyManager, Project Leadership

    Priyanka Ramamurthy
    Manager, Project Leadership

    In my free time, I take tango classes

  • Cindy Revol

    Cindy RevolQuantitative Scientist

    Cindy Revol
    Quantitative Scientist

    I am originally from Texas and I love college football, especially the University of Texas Longhorns.

  • Kimberly Roberts, CTR

    Kimberly Roberts, CTRQA Manager

    Kimberly Roberts, CTR
    QA Manager

    Born and raised in Washington and love my Seahawks!

  • Charlotte Rocker

    Charlotte RockerManager, Project Leadership

    Charlotte Rocker
    Manager, Project Leadership

    I am a runner and a frequent cook, having taken up the former habit to enable the latter.

  • Rebecca Rohrer

    Rebecca RohrerOncology Data Analyst

    Rebecca Rohrer
    Oncology Data Analyst

    I love hiking, camping, and all things outdoors!

  • Katy Sadowski

    Katy SadowskiOncology Data Specialist

    Katy Sadowski
    Oncology Data Specialist

  • Kathi Seidl-Rathkopf

    Kathi Seidl-RathkopfQuantitative Data Analyst

    Kathi Seidl-Rathkopf
    Quantitative Data Analyst

    I love anything that involves being active outside – on my honeymoon, my husband and I climbed the Matterhorn.

  • Brenda Simpson

    Brenda SimpsonAbstraction Team Lead

    Brenda Simpson
    Abstraction Team Lead

  • Rachael Sorg, MPH

    Rachael Sorg, MPHQuantitative Scientist

    Rachael Sorg, MPH
    Quantitative Scientist

    I love SoulCycle - it is the only exercise that I enjoy!

  • Aracelis Torres

    Aracelis TorresQuantitative Scientist

    Aracelis Torres
    Quantitative Scientist

    Secret job I wish I had is being a superhero.

  • Debra Van Valkenburg

    Debra Van ValkenburgOncology Abstractor

    Debra Van Valkenburg
    Oncology Abstractor

  • Paul You, MPH

    Paul You, MPHQuantitative Data Analyst

    Paul You, MPH
    Quantitative Data Analyst

    I've lived in 10 cities across four continents (so far).

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