An integrated system for filing and managing claims with insurance companies. The perfect billing platform for OncoEMR®.

Leverage data in
a meaningful way.

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Maximize operational efficiency

Capture charges, generate claims and automatically post payments

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Easily review charges

Avoid potential errors, prior to submission

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Integrated within OncoEMR®

Save time and improve operational efficiency with one cloud-based system.

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Oncobilling 1 maximiseoperational
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“OncoBilling® has saved our practice time and money by making our billers far more efficient and our claims more accurate. It removes the headache so you can focus on what matters - your patients.”

-Dr. William Mitchell, CEO,
Southern Oncology Specialists
Better Financial Management

Generate financial reports, scrub oncology-specific claims and review real-time claim status and ERA review

Patient Statement Printing

Print statements for in-office or external processing, as well as co-pay payments and receipts

Easier Processing

Built-in EDI with National Clearinghouse and Electronic Remittance Advice processing

Save Time

Referrals and authorizations within OncoEMR® flow directly into the claim

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