Start your career building something that matters.

At Flatiron Health, hiring and retaining A+ talent is a key objective. As part of this goal, each year we hire a few exceptional new college grads to help us in our mission.

Set Up for Success

Joining a new company can be daunting and can often start with information overload. To help, we’ve created the Flatiron Engineering Bootcamp - a whirlwind introductory program where you’ll get a crash course in:

  • Software engineering best practices
  • Our diverse technical stack and products
  • How to write production level Javascript and Python (Software Engineering)
  • How to learn from complicated, unstructured clinical data (Data Insights)
  • How to protect extremely sensitive personal health information from attackers (Security)
  • How a growing startup is organized and run, and where we’re headed as a company

This program is designed to ensure that from Day One, you are set up for success.

Growth and Mentorship

One of Flatiron’s values is the obligation to teach and learn. When you join, a mentor will guide you through onboarding while helping you develop and apply your skills to solve real problems for real people.

From Day One, you will create production code that has direct impact. You’ll also receive regular coaching and feedback to help you constantly learn and grow.

Have Fun

All employees have the opportunity to participate in our quarterly Flatiron Health Hackathons, attend our annual Company All-Hands meeting and meet a wide variety of people with diverse backgrounds. Join us at outings such as karaoke (a Flatiron favorite), team dinners and concerts!

How We Hire

You can expect to solve technical problems, have a collaborative coding session and discuss computer science fundamentals like data structures and algorithms. The hiring process starts with 1-2 Skype interviews (or an interview on campus), with follow up face to face interviews held in our NYC office.

We also look for people who share our values.