At Flatiron Health, our people come first.

Join a Unique Start-up with a Meaningful Mission

At Flatiron Health, our employees genuinely believe that our work allows us to make a positive impact in the world. We are passionate about enhancing cancer care, and believe that happy, engaged employees will help us achieve this goal.

Flatiron Employees on "Why Flatiron?"

Learn From the Best

Work with brilliant people from incredibly diverse backgrounds, including software engineers, medical oncologists and industry thought leaders, while continuing to learn through onsite and external courses.

Be Your Own CEO

We believe in defining yourself by the work you do, not by your title. Set your own hours and daily tasks - we trust our team members to invest their time in high-impact activities that move the needle for the company.

Have Fun

Enjoy great benefits and perks, such as catered meals, Flatiron Clubs, quarterly Hackathons, and endless snacks and beverages. We offer competitive salary and equity packages, flexible work hours, generous parental leave and the opportunity to travel, attend or speak at industry events.