Learn more about how we think about hiring.

If you’re a passionate, collaborative problem-solver and are looking for a new challenge, we want to talk to you. Here are some resources on how our process works and the best ways to prepare.

Get to Know Us

Across most teams, the interview process starts with 1-2 phone or Skype interviews. We want to hear all about your previous experiences and “Why Flatiron?” We also love answering questions - so ask away!

Some teams may first ask applicants to complete a short technical challenge or writing exercise before the phone or Skype interview. Our internal recruiters are available to answer any questions that may come up throughout the process.

Meet the Team

If the initial interviews go well, you’ll come to our NYC office to meet the team for on-site interviews.

Every role works across a variety of disciplines, so you’ll meet a lineup of people which could include a manager, people in similar functions, as well as cross-functional team members.

What We Look For

We look for people who share our values and have the skills and abilities that match well to the role and Flatiron Health overall. In particular, we are looking for clear, logical communicators who think and solve problems in structured ways, and who can quickly adapt to our fast-paced environment.

For technical interviews, expect to solve some problems, code on a white board and discuss computer science fundamentals like data structures, algorithms and Object Oriented Design. Unless the job you are interviewing for calls for particular technology/language experience, our interviews will be language agnostic.

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