Build technology that is revolutionizing cancer research and patient care.

Our Technology

Our industry-leading, cloud-based electronic health record, OncoEMR®, makes it easy for physicians and nurses to enter patient data and make rapid and accurate treatment decisions. Our SeeYourChart® patient portal helps patients keep track of their treatments and communicate with physicians. Also, our first-of-its-kind analytics platform, OncoAnalytics™, uncovers deep clinical and operational insights that are superior to anything currently on the market today.

Leveraging our broad product portfolio, we join patient records with additional datasets (such as genetic sequencing reports), layer on domain knowledge from our in-house oncology experts and produce normalized, queryable and de-identified data that is unparalleled in its depth and accuracy.

Our Engineering Team

We build systems that clean, structure and understand clinical-level patient data. We design data processing pipelines and algorithms that surface new learnings about oncology treatment, and develop innovative data curation tools to accelerate research efforts. Then, we build dashboards and tools that help cancer centers understand their patient populations and optimize their business operations.

A day in the life of a Flatiron Engineer could include anything from automating complex workflows, to designing snappy user interfaces and tuning performance - all while ensuring our systems are a secure home for patients' sensitive information.

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Our Engineering Culture

We are collaborative, cross-disciplinary and highly creative. We work side-by-side with oncologists, biostatisticians, medical informaticists and nurses, which means we’re constantly learning from each other. Our quarterly Hackathons encourage everyone in the company to step out of their comfort zone and work on something new. We hold weekly Knowledge Infusion lunches where anyone, from our engineering interns to our Chief Medical Officer, can teach the company about something that excites them. We make transparent, data-driven decisions and are always looking for ways to improve.

Engineering Bootcamp

All new hires go through Flatiron's Engineering Bootcamp program. Bootcamp is a two to three week onboarding program for technical hires comprised of sessions designed to provide context around oncology, how Flatiron's changing the industry, and a taste of what the different engineering teams are working on and how they advance our mission. Each new-hire is paired with a mentor who supports them through the onboarding process and helps them choose their team at Flatiron.

Fighting cancer with technology