Security Engineer (Associate)

New York, NY

The security team at Flatiron Health is a killer group to join. We are part of an amazing organization full of really smart people and work every day to protect against threats to a business trying to help cure cancer. We create attack driven defenses, not just compliance check boxes. We are always looking for new ideas and trying to make sure the best ideas rise to the top of the heap. We focus on results and not just debate, in fact we are often architects, designers and engineers, not just advisors. We build credibility through action and results.

As an Associate Security Engineer, you will:

  • Stop threats from breaking in to get our data.
  • Build incredible platforms to prevent and detect attacks and stop them in their tracks.
  • Build the technology we really need to have secure systems.
  • Learn a ton about all the different paths in security.
  • Grow like crazy alongside skilled mentors!

About you:

  • Have a strong foundation in and in-depth technical knowledge of security engineering, computer and network security, authentication, and security protocols
  • Have had relevant internships or work experience
  • Have built some cool personal projects (show us your Github!)
  • Have excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Able to deal with the ambiguity associated with working in a fast paced and changing environment; self motivated and results oriented