Data Insights Engineer


Data Insights is an entrepreneurial group of engineers that join Flatiron product teams to facilitate the process of market fit discovery, rapid prototyping and iteration. We use engineering and data science tools to unlock the most value from our data. We talk with clients, work with oncology experts and code in Python, SQL, R or whatever it takes to advance our goal of dramatically accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. This mix of technical skills and client empathy allows us to accelerate our product development process and to take our products to the next level.

Data Insights is Flatiron’s forward deployed engineering team. We started out working on tools to enable healthcare providers to manage cancer centers and to treat patients, but we have since integrated into teams working in diverse areas of the company including partnering with Life Sciences companies and developing tools to help accelerate clinical research.

As a Data Insights Engineer you will:

  • Rapidly iterate on products early in the development of product-market fit when there is a need for product, customer and technology skills in a single self-driving person
  • Analyze and visualize oncology data for our clients in cancer clinics, academic institutions and life sciences companies
  • Work through complex data pipelines using SQL and other data processing tools
  • Own technical customer relationships and ensure clients receive the most value possible from Flatiron products
  • Develop knowledge of healthcare industry trends and data

About you:

  • You are passionate about our mission to improve cancer care through data and technology
  • Know SQL, databases and have strong intuition for how to model and clean data
  • You are a quick-learner and can easily pick up new programming languages
  • You care more about fixing our customers’ problems and advancing cancer treatment than you do about dealing with the coolest / newest data processing techniques
  • You are an excellent communicator who can break down a complex data analysis and tell a compelling story to stakeholders ranging from clinical staff to engineers to sales
  • You understand how to identify major pain points in a user’s workflow, quickly build prototypes to address the challenges, gather feedback from the user and rapidly iterate
  • You are self-motivated and able to independently prioritize and address problems in a highly ambiguous environment

Good to have (but we can teach you):

  • Python, version control and product development processes
  • Healthcare industry knowledge/context (especially oncology specific knowledge)

There are currently no other job openings in this department.