Head of Clinical Research & Operations


Flatiron Research was started in 2014 with the goal of serving cancer patients by accelerating research. We believe that existing clinical research paradigms are ill-equipped to answer the research questions that face drug developers, academic researchers, and regulators in the oncology space today. By focusing on technology solutions that can be deployed widely across the Flatiron network of providers, Flatiron Research has the opportunity to generate insights that were previously impossible.


The Head of Clinical Research & Operations will be responsible for the operations of Flatiron’s research products. Specifically:

  • Conducting high-quality clinical research with our customers and partners from biopharma and academic medical centers.
  • Being the thought leader that defines the vision for the Research Operations functions within Flatiron. Setting strategic direction and priorities for each function based on Flatiron’s needs.
  • Building and developing the teams that conduct high-quality research at Flatiron
  • Recruiting and retaining extraordinary talent across all functions.
  • As a member of the Research Leadership Team, collaborating with other senior leaders to enable the overall success of the research business line
  • As a member of the Research Leadership Team, collaborating with other senior leaders to define Flatiron’s overall vision and strategy for building innovative new solutions for clinical research.


  • 10+ years leading Clinical Operations or Clinical Development at a top Life Science company or CRO
  • Deep understanding of clinical research projects, clinical trials & associated risks
  • Extremely strong understanding of his/her own weaknesses and how to fill those gaps; self-aware, humble, motivated & curious
  • Multiple years of experience with pharmaceutical companies; understanding of the complexity and organizational structure of pharma companies and how to navigate
  • Extremely strong understanding of market strategy; ability to see how Flatiron’s products fit into the competitive landscape; ability to break down complex markets into components and develop strategy
  • Excellent ability to understand the operational requirements to anticipate and fill in operational gaps early  
  • Amazing people manager; experience leading groups of 20+ people; extremely thoughtful about management style, culture and leadership generally
  • Experience operating on a leadership team with responsibility over a P&L