In today's world, it is increasingly critical for organizations to harness and leverage their data. In the oncology industry, this has proven almost impossible even with the advent of EHR's, registries and many other systems. Apart from connecting and aggregating disparate systems, any traditional approach suffers from the "garbage in, garbage out" problem, whereby no output is useful when the source data is dirty and unstructured.

Oncology is complicated
Most of the "clinically valuable" data for cancer care resides in doctor and nurse notes, pathology reports, and other highly unstructured free text forms. Traditional healthcare analytics are built off of claims data, which lack the depth required to understand a disease as complex as cancer. To run analytics for oncology off of claims data would be the equivalent of analyzing an iceberg by only looking at what's above the surface. If you want the "clinical truth", you have to get into the details.

Oncology needs its own solution
Before we started Flatiron Health, we met with dozens of oncologists, cancer center directors and researchers to get into the weeds of cancer care. One thing was abundantly clear: oncology needs its own "big data" software solution. And oncology needs a solution that doesn't require clinicians to change their behavior or additional staff to manually enter data. For these reasons and many others, we decided to build the first advanced data platform that is truly dedicated to only oncology.

The Flatiron approach
To build the OncologyCloud™ platform, we've hired a world-class engineering and product team from places like Google, Microsoft and Facebook to bring new approaches and perspectives to the problem. We've added strategic investors such as Google Ventures, First Round Capital and LabCorp. Our common goal is to empower cancer care providers and life sciences companies with deep actionable insights from their oncology data. This will allow providers to track hundreds of metrics related to cancer care, monitor adherence to national guidelines across their clinicians, match patients to clinical trials in real-time, and ask custom questions of their data that they never could before.

How to work with us
We're currently in private beta with a select group of providers and other partners. To get in touch to learn more, please contact: sales@flatiron.com.