Introducing OncologyCloud™
The oncology industry's first cloud-based data platform and the new standard for real-time insights and intelligence.
For Providers
For Life Sciences
What is OncologyCloud™?
The Problem
Only 4% of patients diagnosed with cancer in the United States participate in clinical trials. For the rest, their data is captured in silos and inconsistent/unstructured formats. Because of this, the industry is not learning from the experiences of 96% of patients' journeys.
Our Approach
Flatiron's OncologyCloud platform aggregates and transforms clinical and financial data from EMR and billing systems in real-time. The result is a data platform that provides the most comprehensive view of a patient’s experience in the oncology office in real-time.
Why We Built OncologyCloud™
Big Data
In today's world, it is increasingly critical for organizations to harness and leverage their data. "Big Data" has transformed entire industries into being smarter and faster. However, the oncology industry has not yet seen this revolution. Despite the growth of electronic medical record (EMR's), a lack of standards, information silos, fragmentation of information and abundance of unstructured data has prevented the oncology industry from learning from real-world patient experiences.
Oncology is complicated
Most of the "clinically valuable" data in cancer care resides in doctor and nurse notes, pathology reports, PDF's, and other unstructured forms. Even structured data has major integration issues, with EMR's having adopted their own custom ontologies and standards. Traditional population health analytics are built using claims data, which can attain quick results but lack the depth required to understand a disease as complex as cancer. To run analytics for oncology off of claims data would be the equivalent of analyzing an iceberg by only looking at what's above the surface. If you want the "clinical truth," you have to get into the details.
Oncology needs its own solution
Before starting Flatiron and inspired by family and friends battling the disease, we met with dozens of oncologists, cancer center directors and researchers to get into the weeds of cancer care. One thing was abundantly clear - oncology needs its own "big data" software approach. Furthermore, oncology needs a solution that doesn't require clinicians to spend more time documenting or additional staff to manually enter redundant data. Stakeholders need to inverse the model of spending 80% of their time building a dataset and only 20% analyzing the dataset. For these reasons and many others, we decided to build the first advanced data platform that is truly dedicated to oncology.
The Flatiron approach
To create the OncologyCloud™ platform, we assembled a world-class product engineering team from places like Google, Microsoft, IBM and Facebook to bring new approaches and fresh perspectives to the table. We added strategic investors such as Google Ventures, First Round Capital and LabCorp. Our common goal is to empower cancer centers, clinicians and life sciences companies with deep actionable insights from the real-world of oncology care to accelerate research and optimize treatment.